Beyond Oceans Media

Kristian Pettersson

Videographer, Editor and Graphic Designer

Kristian is a certified PADI dive instructor and BSAC Professional Underwater Videographer. He has been working with diving and photography all over Scandinavia, Southeast Asia and Australia since 2005.

In 2010 he began focusing on video and has been producing marketing and documentary videos, as well as filming tourists on holiday dive boats, ever since. He has an eye for detail and a knack for getting close to his subjects without disturbing them. His video footage is of exceptionally high quality and he is talented at editing and producing videos. Kristian also works as a graphic designer to produce creative media and web content.

Kristian’s background is originally in engineering. He has a degree in microwave and control system engineering and worked for 5 years for Sweden's largest telecom network provider. His love of nature and the ocean environment gradually took over, and he decided to make a career in diving and photography.

Kristian is passionate about the ongoing health and conservation of the marine environment. He ensures he works in an ethical and ecologically friendly way to capture footage without making a negative impact on the reefs and communities.